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Courtroom Closures and Hearing Location Changes for A/V Maintenance

Beginning Monday, April 8th through Friday, April, 19th, 2024 the Court will be conducting essential Courtroom Audio/Video (A/V) maintenance and upgrades. This will impact Courtroom B and Courtroom C, both of which will be temporarily closed during this time.

Temporary Courtroom Setup

To ensure uninterrupted court proceedings, a temporary courtroom will be established in the Access to Justice Center (AJC)/Jury Assembly Room on the first floor of the Hall of Justice.

Locating Your Proceedings

Please note that the locations of proceedings scheduled during this period have been changed to accommodate the closures. Updated courtroom information can be found on the Public Access Portal:

Accessing the Public Access Portal:

  • Navigate to the Court’s website

  • Select Case Index & Calendar Portal from the Online Services dropdown.
  • Click the blue Online Case Index & Calendar Portal button on the page.
  • From the FullCourt Enterprise Public Access Portal you can:
  1. View the Court Calendar by clicking on Court Calendar under the SCHEDULING dropdown. Enter your proceeding date in the date field and click RETRIEVE. Click on the Docket Type for your Proceeding, the courtroom for your proceeding will be in the COURT ROOM column of the row for your case.
  2. View the Hearings page for your case by entering your case number in the Civil Case or Criminal Case page found under the CASES dropdown. On your cases page, find a list of Hearings by clicking on Hearings or Civil Hearings on the left-hand side. The courtroom in which your proceeding will be held is in the COURT ROOM column next to the date and time of the proceeding in question


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