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Restraining Orders

Lassen Superior Court accepts eDelivery (electronic delivery) of Domestic Violence & Gun Violence Restraining Order documents. See the Domestic Violence Restraining Order and Gun Violence Restraining Order pages for additional information.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order  Gun Violence Restraining Order

Which Kind of Restraining Order Do I Need?

A Restraining Order is an order issued by the Court to protect a person from harm or harassment.

If you are in danger right now, call 911 or seek safety. Please note that websites you visit may be viewed by someone else later. Always clear your browsing history after searching the web. Consider using a public or friend's computer if you are concerned about someone viewing your browsing history.

There are different types of restraining orders. You have to make sure you ask for the right one. Use the table below to find out which one best fits your situation and select the type of restraining order to find out more about what protection it  offers and whether it's best for your situation.

Situation Types of restraining orders
You need protection from someone you had a relationship with (more than friends), like your spouse, an ex, or you child's other parent. Or you need protection from a close family member like your child, parent, grandparent, or sibling (not an aunt or uncle or cousin). Domestic Violence
You need protection from someone you never had a relationship with (never more than friends) and are not closely related to. For example, you need protection from a neighbor, aunt or uncle, or coworker. Civil Harassment
Someone who is either 65 or older or a dependent adult needs protection from someone else (like a caretaker or adult child) who is abusing or neglecting them. Elder/Dependent Abuse
Typically, a police officer or sheriff who thinks someone might hurt themselves or someone else with a gun. This can stop that person from buying or owning a gun. It can't order them to stay away from someone. Gun Violence
An employer who needs to protect one of their employees. Workplace Violence

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