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Juvenile Dependency Fax Filing

The information on this page is for Juvenile cases and does not apply to Civil, Probate, Family Law, nor Appellate cases. For Fax Filing in Civil, Probate, Family Law, or Appellate cases, click HERE.

Pursuant to Local Rules of Court, Rule 17.2 and the California Rules of Court, the Lassen Superior Court accepts fax filings in Juvenile Dependency cases. The information on this page provides details on fees specific to Juvenile Dependency fax filings as well as relevant instructions and procedures.


Fees detailed below are calculated and assessed for fax filings. Additional filing fees may apply depending on the type of legal document being filed.

Calculated Fax Filing Fees

  • $1 per page fee
  • A credit card service fee may be charged

Parties filing under a Fee Waiver will have any relevant fees waived.

Fax Filing Instructions

  1. Those persons and agencies as defined in Rule 5.522(c) of the California Rules of Court may file by fax directly with the court in Juvenile Dependency cases. Documents submitted for filing must be legible and in proper format as set forth in CRC 2.100.
  2. Fax Filing Cover Sheet is mandatory with all Juvenile fax filings (Form JV-520), pursuant to CRC 5.522(c)(4).
    • Telephone No. and Email Address must be included on the cover sheet.
    • The total number of pages received should match the number of pages stated on the cover sheet.
    • If there is no cover sheet or if the sheet is incompletely filled out, the filing will be rejected.
  3. The document must contain the phrase "By fax" immediately below the title of each document. Documents submitted without this notation are incomplete and cannot be filed.
  4. Fax the cover sheet and document to: (530) 251-2126
  5. Documents received by the court on or before 4:00 PM PST, on a court business day, will be file stamped with the court date received. Documents received after 4:00 PM PST will be file stamped received the following court business day. Note: A filing is considered to be received at the time the last page of the document is received.

Payment and Filing Acceptance

Upon receipt of the filing, the court will call the telephone number provided on the cover sheet to collect payment of the relevant fees, if applicable. A receipt of payment will be delivered to the e-mail address in the upper section of the JC Form JV-520, if one is provided.

If return of a conformed copy of the filed document(s) is required, you may add this request on the JC Form JV-520. The court will add the applicable processing and/or mailing fees.

Filing Rejected

If a document is rejected for filing, the entire document must be re-submitted, including the JC Form JV-520. The court may call to notify the filing party of the rejection and/or mail a Notice of Return.

Additional Information

The following items may not be electronically filed in Juvenile cases:

  • Subpoenaed documents;
  • Any documents with attachments/exhibits that cannot be accurately transmitted via fax filing due to size or type;
  • Documents typically submitted during the course of a proceeding (e.g. Trial Exhibits);
  • Documents lodged with the court provisionally under seal;

Note the following:

  • The filing party is responsible for being familiar with and complying to California Rules of Court 5.522 et seq. and WIC § 212.5.
  • If the matter is on calendar the same day, the original is to be filed in open court and not filed by fax.

The Court does not currently accept filings by fax in any criminal matters including felony, misdemeanor, infractions, juvenile delinquency, and criminal-related mental health matters at this time.

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