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Welcome to Lassen Superior Court Self-Help

Access to Justice Center

The Lassen Superior Court has two programs in place to assist self-represented persons. The Family Law Facilitator provides assistance to individuals representing themselves in matters related to parentage and child support. The Self-Help Attorney provides services beyond limited Family Law matters.

For additional information on the Family Law Facilitator including contact information click here.

Family Law Facilitator

Our office does not give legal advice and cannot act as your attorney. Instead, we provide legal information and assistance with filling out court forms. Our services are always free, but participants are responsible for all court filing fees.

Self-Help Areas of Assistance

Legal Self Help is Currently Being Scheduled and Conducted Via Telephone

To add yourself to the first come, first served list, text of call (530) 251-3935 and be sure to include your name and a good callback number. Please be prepared to answer a text or call back from the number above to be provided with the appropriate assistance. Friday callback clinics will continue to be remote.

In cases where more help is needed, there are limited availabilities for in-person appointments on Thursdays.

See the below flyers for additional information and Self-Help schedules for the following months:

June 2024 Self-Help Flyer & Schedule

July 2024 Self-Help Flyer & Schedule

August 2024 Self-Help Flyer & Schedule

September 2024 Self-Help Flyer & Schedule

October 2024 Self-Help Flyer & Schedule

  • The Access to Justice Center is staffed by attorneys who are skilled and trained to analyze the issues from the facts presented and explain the applicable law(s) and available legal and procedural alternatives, options and remedies. Referrals to other community agencies may be made for your benefit.
  • The Self-Help Center attorney will NOT recommend a legal alternative or option for you. It is your responsibility to consider the various alternatives or options available and for you to make all decisions in regard to your case.
  • The Center does NOT provide legal representation or give legal advice about cases.
  • The Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Attorney is NOT your attorney and will NOT represent you in a court action.
  • Communications between you and the Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Attorney are NOT confidential. You should consult with your own attorney if you want personalized advice or strategy; wish to have a confidential conversation, or to be represented by an attorney in court.
  • Everyone has equal access to the services of the Access to Justice Center/Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Attorney.
  • The Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Attorney is NOT responsible for the outcome of your case. The information you provide to the Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Attorney and staff will NOT be kept secret, private or confidential.

Mission: Serving the Public

Improve access to the courts, provide pro per litigants with a gateway to the legal system and bridge the gap between the courts and the community by upholding public confidence and trust in the courts with impartiality and integrity free of discrimination of factors such as gender, mental illness, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, English proficiency, physical disability or type of litigant.

How to Get Assistance

There are a few different ways to receive assistance:

  • Online

    Answers to many of your questions regarding court processes, requirements, as well as assistance in filling out your court forms can be found online. See the Online Resources page for more information.

    Online Resources

  • Remote or In-Person Assistance with the Lassen Superior Court Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Attorney

    This assistance is provided through individual remote call-backs or scheduled in-person appointments. To request a call back or in-person appointment, text or call and leave a message at (530) 251-3935. Be sure to include your name, a good callback number, and a brief summary of the assistance you are needing. Please be prepared to answer a text or call from the number above to be provided with the appropriate assistance.

    Callbacks will be made weekly in the order they are received. Dependent on availability, a limited number of people will be called back.

  • SHARP Help Centers

    The Self-Help Assistance and Referral Program (SHARP), a court supported Self-Help Center, provides free assistance to self-represented people who do not have attorneys. The program can provide support to all parties in a case ranging from assistance with forms, legal information, and education. See the SHARP Contact page for information on contacting the various centers.

    Self-Help Assistance & Referral Program (SHARP)

External Agencies

  • Lassen Family Services

    "Lassen Family Services, Inc. is committed to ending abuse in our community through Prevention, Healing, Advocacy, Safety, and Education, compassionate intervention, and effective partnerships with local community and social service agencies that will support and empower the participant’s journey to success." - Lassen Family Services

     • • • 

    Website: Lassen Family Services
    Office Phone: (530) 257-4599
    24/7 Crisis Line: (530) 257-5004

  • Child Support Services

    "Child Support Services offers a professional, approachable, non-judgmental "middle ground" for parents/customers to get informed and ultimately transform a challenging situation into a path forward. We are committed to helping parents navigate services available, ensuring children are provided for and promoting peace of mind through information and action." - Lassen County Child Support Services

     • • • 

    Website: Department of Child Support Services
    Phone: (866) 901-3212

  • Lassen Intervention

    “Our mission is to promote healthy individuals and families by providing education, advocacy and support.”– Jennifer Petersen | Lassen Intervention

     • • • 

    Website: Lassen Intervention
    Phone: (530) 310-0169

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