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Local Forms

Filings with the Court may require state-wide Judicial Council and/or court-specific forms. Judicial Council forms can be found on the California Court's website.
Judicial Council Forms

Local Forms can be viewed and downloaded from the tables below. Forms can also be obtained at the filing window at the Hall of Justice.

Note: Law prohibits the clerks of Lassen Superior Court from giving legal advice and filling out forms or legal documents. If you are proceeding in pro per (representing yourself), you may have legal questions. Get assistance from the Self-Help Center

Local Forms

M/O – M = Mandatory Local Form • O = Optional Local Form | I = Informational

Form # Name Date Rev M/O
LSC-APL-100 Appeal Facsimile Transmission Cover Sheet 01/23 M

Form # Name Date Rev M/O
LSC-CIV-025 Delay Reduction Program Notice 07/22 M
LSC-CIV-050 Name Change - Criminal History Assessment 07/22 M
LSC-CIV-100 Statement Requesting Presense of a Court Reporter 07/22 M

Form # Name Date Rev M/O
LSC-JUR-100 Request for Permanent Medical Excuse from Jury Service 04/22 M
LSC-JUR-101 Request for Excuse from Jury Service - Age 04/22 O
LSC-JUR-102 Public Transit Reimbursement Request 01/23 M

Form # Name Date Rev M/O
LSC-JVDP-100 Certification of Competency to Practice in Juvenile Dependency Court 07/22 M

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