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Traffic Add-On Request Form

For additional information pertaining to the use of this form as well as traffic arraignments and court trials in general, see the Traffic Division page. If you would like to appear for your traffic arraignment or court trial in person, see the Traffic Division page for instructions and information.

Planning to appear remotely for a traffic arraignment? Follow the procedure below to be added to the traffic arraignment calendar.

To be added to the traffic arraignment calendar, submit the electronic Traffic Add-On Request form at the bottom of this page no later than the Friday before your appearance date.

Note: This form is required to be submitted no later than the Friday before your appearance date. Submission of this form will indicate to the court your intention to appear remotely for your traffic arraignment - adding your case to the traffic arraignment calendar for your appearance date. Failure to submit as directed will result in your case not being added to the calendar.

After you have submitted the Traffic Add-On Request form, follow the procedures outlined in the Tips, Procedures, & Connection Details section on the Zoom Appearance page for further rules, procedures, and connection details.

Problems viewing the form below? - CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE FORM

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