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Zoom Appearance Tips & Procedures

Before the Hearing:

  • Review the Zoom Appearance page to determine service and filing requirements that may exist before your appearance.
  • Review the Zoom Getting Started Guide to learn how Zoom works.
  • Download the Zoom app to your computer, tablet, or phone - click here.
  • You do not need a Zoom account to participate in a meeting.

Day of the Hearing:

  • Verify your device has adequate power and that you will have a reliable connection for the entire remote appearance.
  • Find the connection details for your appearance on the Zoom Appearance page or as otherwise provided by the court.
  • Confirm that your video and audio are working as expected.
  • Join the meeting at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time, you may be placed in a waiting room to be checked in.
  • You may be kept in the waiting room until your case is called, please be patient.
  • Waiting periods for your case to be called may exceed an hour.
  • Join the meeting using your true first and last name.

During the Hearing:

  • Ensure you are in an area where ambient/background noise is kept to a minimum.
  • Avoid areas with bright windows and/or backlighting so you can be seen.
  • Ensure that your microphone is muted when you are not talking.
  • Speak directly into the microphone so you are clearly heard.
  • Speak slowly and avoid interrupting others.

Remote Appearance Etiquette:

  • Maintain the same degree of courtesy and courtroom etiquette as is required for a personal appearance.
  • Please respect all participants as if you were appearing in court in person.
  • Be conscious of what is in your background, as it can be distracting to others.

Recording of Court Proceedings Without Permission is Unlawful: Recording the court proceeding (whether through the videoconference application or by any other means) is prohibited unless/until the judicial officer specifically grants permission to record. CA Rules of Court, Rule 1.150(c) & (d). A violation of this rule may result in the imposition of sanctions as set forth in subsection (f) of Rule 1.150.

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